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Why NO vote?
I say what I do and do what I say What you do is none of MY business. I don’t care about any lobby.

Every four years, it begins. The Assclown Circus makes its bid for President. And every four years, we are told that this “is the most important election in our lifetime.”

For the next ten or so months, the media will shine its light on whichever candidates they choose to make look good – and make them look good no matter what. And the media will do their best to frame their least favorites as poorly as possible, all the while providing fodder from while to divide the masses. We are easiest to control when fighting about things we cannot change.

For 2020, why not take a different tac? Instead of flowing from one election drama to the next, consider spending your time differently. Build something with your kids. Schedule some hikes. Start working on that business you always wanted to start. Do SOMETHING that brings value to your life.

Because the Assclown Circus has been around for many years and they will do what they do no matter if you participate or not.

And remember: Don’t Vote For Me!

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